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Everything You Need To Go Shark Cage Diving in Cape Town

Shark Diving Editor | June 1, 2018

Great White Shark cage diving in South Africa is becoming a popular tourist activity because the country offers some of the best sites in the world having a large number of the Great White sharks in their natural habitat. During the months of May to October is the best time to experience a South African Great White Shark cage dive. Although these majestic predators can be seen throughout the year, during the winter months are considered to be the high season because water is warmer and the visibility better.

The Great White Shark cage diving is an adventure anyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. Yes, it may seem daunting to come face to face with the ocean’s greatest predator but it is definitely going to be an amazing experience.

Is it Safe?

Yes. The South African cage diving industry is regulated by a Code of Conduct and regulations from the Marine and Coastal Management and the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism. In Cape Town, there are a number of shark cage diving operators who will accommodate all your cage diving needs during your trip. Not only will they see to it that you will make the most out of your shark cage diving experience, they will also unsure of your safety.

shark cage diving

Shark-proof Cages

Shark cage diving allows people to closely interact with the Great White Sharks while being protected in shark-proof cages. These protective cages are designed to prevent sharks from making contact with the divers and are intended to protect the divers from potential injury because these predators may get vicious and aggressive. The cages are custom-built for safety and durability. They are built to withstand being rammed and bitten by sharks. They feature maximum strength and functionality and utilize a 360-degree view throughout the cage. Hence, divers have the ability to see sharks clearly inside the cage while staying completely safe. The cage floats on the surface just next to the boat guaranteeing easy and safe entrance and exit anytime.


Because shark cage diving trips usually last for approximately 3 to 4 hours, it is required that the boat used for the trip should be in good condition. The boats of the operators in Cape Town are all inspected by the South African Maritime Safety Authority and conform to their standards. The vessels are also checked periodically to maintain speed, stability, and safety. Additionally, all the necessary equipment are onboard like fire extinguishers, first aid kits, life jackets and life rafts.


Swimming Gears

Swimming gears such as wetsuits, booties, and masks necessary for an effective time in the water are provided during your trip. Wetsuits are necessary to help you stay warm during your underwater encounter. Towels and waterproof jacket are also provided during your trip to keep you dry.


Most operators provide breakfast, snacks, and lunch, so you won’t have to worry about bringing something to eat.

What You Should Bring

Bring your swimwear. Do not forget your dry clothes for after cage diving. Also, bring sunblock to avoid sunburn and sunglasses to protect your eyes. It also helps to bring warm jackets with you. For those prone to seasickness, bring anti-nausea medication. While a cameraman is on board to capture all the action, it is highly recommended that you bring your own camera. Do not forget for batteries and extra memory card.

Now that you know everything you need to go shark cage diving in Cape Town, we hope that you will enjoy your close encounter with the Great White Sharks.

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Shark Diving Companies in Cape Town

Shark Diving Editor | July 28, 2017

Shark diving is a big industry in Cape Town. There are many shark diving companies which offer the best shark diving experience and guarantee safe and thrilling adventure. Here are some of the shark diving companies in Cape Town.

Cape Town Shark Diving Companies

White Shark Diving Company

White Shark Diving Company has been operating for 20 years and a proud holder of the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for the year 2014, 2015 and 2016. This company is fully committed to the preservation of white sharks and the marine environment through their various conservation and social responsibility initiatives aimed at educating local and international visitors about the conservation plight of the great white shark. They offer Shark Cage Diving, Shark Breaching/Diving Combo Trip, 3 Day Package and the 5/7 Day Package

Shark Bookings

Sharkbookings has been operating for 13 years now. Their mission is to offer you the best experience possible so you go away with life-long memories of their beautiful sharks. They pride themselves on their services and assures you the best experience.


SharkQuests is an adventure diving operator based in Cape Town with a branch in the USA and has already established itself as a premier shark diving tour operator for Southern Africa. With their intimate knowledge of South Africa’s adventure environs, they deliver a spectacular African experience to each of their clients. SharkQuests offer unparallel adventure, a rich look at Africa’s unique history and culture, breath-taking scenery, and socially unique and entertaining atmosphere as you engage in their adventure tours, one-day trips and shark diving expeditions. They are also proud to present a collection of signature adventure-diving safaris built around the unique natural highlights of Southern Africa.

Apex Shark Expeditions

Apex Shark Expeditions offers the opportunity to experience cage diving and predatory breaching with Great White Sharks, all in one trip. They ensure that every trip is an intimate and insightful experience giving you memories for life. They operate in False Bay, which is one of the most richly diverse oceanic habitats in the world and is made famous by the spectacular hunting behavior of its Great White Sharks.

Shark Diving Unlimited

Shark Diving Unlimited is a fully licensed shark cage diving operator situated in the Great White Shark capital of Gansbaai. They pride themselves in their internationally recognized and exceptional success rate and customer satisfaction. This company is also the base of a well-known documenter and conservation advocate for sharks, Mike Rutzen, also known as the Shark Man for his amazing skill of swimming with these animals. Shark Diving Unlimited offers its client the amazing experience of white shark cage diving, white shark breaching trips, and PADI white shark speciality.

shark diving companies

Marine Dynamics Shark Tours

Marine Dynamics is a Shark Cage Diving company based in Kleinbaai and is a multidimensional and multi-awarded Ecotourism and Conservation Enterprise. A trip with them is a guaranteed to be a combination of goose bumps thrills, education and relaxation on a luxury boat in the company of experienced experts and researchers. provides adventure tours and activities in and around Cape Town and primarily focuses on shark cage diving and surface viewing, shark breaching and scuba diving with sharks. They offer unparalleled customer service and ensures that all our clients are well looked after. Their shark tours include 1 day trip of blue & mako shark dive or 1 day trip of cow sharks & cape fur seals.

Great White Shark Tours

Great White Shark Tours is owned and founded by a professional diver and skipper, Brian McFarlane. This company envisions to provide clients with an unforgettable education trip, diving and viewing great white sharks. They believe that every tourist who dives is entitled to have a great white shark swim past him or her an acceptable number of times.

White Shark Ventures

White Shark Ventures was established in 1991 became one of the first companies to offer shark viewing/diving tours in the channel at Dyer Island. They pride themselves in catering smaller exclusive groups which allow for more space and comfort on board. Their tours are highly educational and they actively participate in documenting valuable research information on great white sharks.

African Shark Eco-Charters

African Shark Eco-Charters is owned and run by shark expert Rob Lawrence, together with his wife Karen and their dedicated team in Simon’s Town. This company is founded on the belief that true passion is when you take what you love and turn it into your work. They are a top shark diving company and they run the safest operation in False Bay. Their aim is for their clients to experience great white shark breaching or cage diving trip in a natural environment. They provide a natural encounter with the great white sharks allowing clients to observe social interactions and the natural predation behavior. Tours include shark cage diving, “airjaws” shark breaching trip, afternoon shark cage diving trip, five-day shark trip, 10-day great white shark tours, blue water predator trips and cow shark diving trip.

These shark diving companies are guaranteed to provide very satisfactory client experience. If you will not be able to see sharks during your dive, another trip will be offered free of charge.

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The Secret Hiding Below Cape Town’s Ocean

Shark Diving Editor | January 16, 2016

When talking about Cape Town, South Africa, the things that come into our minds first are the beautiful city surrounded by vineyards, wineries, stunning beaches, gorgeous mountains, and flocks of tourist activities all year round. One thing you don’t hear the locals talking about is what exactly is hiding below the water. Below are great white sharks, one of the most feared creatures, which make oceans in South Africa their homes.

Shark diving is defiantly the most well known industry in Cape Town. Home to around a quarter of the world’s shark species, it is the best place for underwater shark diving and shark snorkeling. Shark diving is really a wonderful activity to experience, it gives you the adrenaline, excitement and thrill which everyone is searching for. It’s an experience which also involves exploring the underwater world that is utterly spectacular, not to mention the ideal time to bond with your family and friends, although this bond may be based in fear.

Cage diving is very much popular and it gives you the chance to conquer your fears and see the sharks face to face. Not only will shark cage diving give you a once in a lifetime experience to see the ancient hunter up close, but also understand how these mysterious creatures work in their own ways. The cage dive requires you to wear scuba diving gear and to plunge into the steel cage as the water around you is filled with a blend of fish parts as well as blood in order to attract the great white sharks. The cage is kept at a shallow depth, mainly to stop the sharks from getting above it and also to provide divers ready access to the surface and the safety of the boat.

Sharks are incredibly curious and these creatures often appear in a few minutes to check the cage as well as the divers a lot more closely. It is an amazing experience to witness these hunters of the deep working in their own natural habitat. Great White Sharks are officially listed as being an endangered species and thus they should be treated with high respect.

A common day for any shark cage lover includes an early morning breakfast along with a ride into several coastal villages from which the expedition will start. The most common coastal town that shark cage diving tours are run from is Gansbaai. Safety factors are one of the greatest importance in shark diving. All the equipment is examined and double checked first and everyone that’s involved must undergo an orientation in the basic safety protocols which must be implemented during the expedition.

Operators also consider this incredibly serious and must go through strict licensing processes to ensure a safe standard.

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A Shark Diving Cape Town Adventure

Shark Diving Editor | November 6, 2015


Sharks carry an aura about them which causes most people to shudder in disgust, but at the same time in a way respecting the natural way that nature works its course. Sharks have to eat to live, and as long as it is not us that they are eating, watching them can be a fascinating pastime.

That is why a shark diving Cape Town excursion can be an exciting and exhilarating experience for most people. And that is what you will get as you book a position on one of the boats that will take you right to the action.

Actually, the people who sign up for these excursions are never in any danger at all, as one boat captain put it, “We have a 14 year perfect safety record.” And rightly so, as the “cage” that the viewers are contained in fits at surface level and it is strapped to the boat, so it is not going anywhere.

Groups are limited in size in these shark boats to about 20 people and they leave their moorings in Cape Town at about 9:00am and reach their destination of Gansbaai around 11:30am to the shark infested area, which is a channel situated between two islands.

The boat is a motorized catamaran which has been designed expressly for shark watching and cage diving. Once the boat is anchored in the channel area, the shark watchers, donned in their wet suits and goggles, climb into the cage. It holds six individuals, who are heavily protected by the steel bars on the cage, which floats on the surface and is attached to the boat.

The shark watchers can dive one meter under the water, which is about 3.3 feet, but can never go near the outer edge of the cage. They have a continuous supply of air from hoses in the cage, or they can use snorkels to breath from if they wish.

There is no diving certification required for the event as they are not free form diving and are confined to the cage. Chum is put out for the sharks in order to attract them. Sharks are not guaranteed to come, because you can’t always predict what they will do, but if everyone is patient and enough chum is distributed, they will come.

Once the majestic white sharks arrive it is an awesome experience to watch them, especially when they are “up close” at the edge of the cage. Sometimes the will open their mouths very wide for a terrifying view of their teeth and huge gaping jaws which could make short work of seals, dolphins and us. They cannot get close, however and are more interested in the chum anyway.

The people in the boat spend about a half hour in the water, and then they rotate with the others on the boat, so everyone gets a turn. The great white sharks are surface feeders, so even the people on the deck who are not in the water have a tremendous view of what is happening.

A shark diving Cape Town experience is one that no one will quickly forget as it is a once in a lifetime occasion.

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A Few Reasons Why You Should Go Shark Diving Cape Town

Shark Diving Editor | November 6, 2015


When it comes to the adrenaline rush type activities, shark diving Cape Town is definitely high on the list. So, if you’re the type of person that is always up for an adventure or new challenge, then I will definitely encourage you to go on a shark dive using a metal cage in order to get up close and personal with these amazing creatures. We will now look at a few reasons why this is a great idea.

The first reason is that by going shark diving, you will be facing your fears head on. Yes, we all know that sharks can be quite dangerous and they have killed people throughout history. However they aren’t human killing machines since in most cases, they mistook the human for a seal. So, by facing your fears, you will actually become a stronger, more balanced person by going shark diving. Sure, you will probably be scared out of your mind, but when you’re done, you’ll be happy that you did it and faced your fears.

Another reason why you should go shark diving is to simply look at these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. Many people think its sufficient to go to a zoo and look at these animals in cages or large fish tanks. This is definitely not the best way to experience these animals, especially if you’re an animal enthusiast. There is definitely something awe inspiring to watch a great white shark glide one or two feet away from you and it is an experience that I highly recommend.

Next, by going shark diving, you will gain an added respect and admiration for nature and the earth as a whole. We need more people who have reverence for the earth and by witnessing sharks in their natural environment, gliding peacefully through the water or devouring bait set by the tour guides, this will definitely inspire you to have a greater respect for the earth and its natural ecosystem.

Also, in order to go shark diving Cape Town, you will have to actually visit Cape Town which is in Africa. Africa is thought of as the seat of mankind where the first human being was born. In my opinion, every person that has the ability to visit Africa, should do so at least once in their lifetime. Africa is definitely a magnificent country that will make a huge impact on you. There is no greater experience than traveling and I highly encourage you to step out of your safety net and explore the world.

In closing, shark diving is an experience that will not only get your adrenaline pumping but will give you a greater love and admiration for nature, life and the world as a whole. If possible, you should try to get as many of your loved ones and friends to try it with you as it will definitely expand their horizons as well. So with that said, once you go shark diving once, I’m sure you will do it many times again!

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A Great Time Seven Gill Shark Diving Millers Point

Shark Diving Editor | November 6, 2015


Diving with the sharks is going to be something that people will want to do. However, what people need to realize is their are certain areas that are going to be great to dive at, but only some of the locations are going to have some of the best sharks. This is when people should know about the great time they can have by shark diving at Millers Point and know more about the type of sharks that tend to be present in the dive they are planning on taking.

Type Of Sharks Commonly Found At Millers Point

The type of shark that is commonly found at Millers Point is often divided between a couple of different types of sharks. The common ones that are found are the broadnose sevengill sharks and the cowsharks. Both of these sharks are going to be rather large in size with 3.5 meters often being average. So the size of these sharks can be intimidating to some people as they are about the same size as them, except they are a lot more agile in the water.

What Type Of Behavior Does These Sharks Have

Normally people are going to find the sharks are going to be very docile and very inquisitive about the people that are in the water. So people will want to make sure they know about the different types of sharks because these are usually going to be one of the more docile sharks that people will be able to swim with. So people normally will not have to worry so much about the various shark attacks that can happen, like they may have read about in some of the other areas that are allowing shark dives.

Appearance Of The Sharks

These are a shark that while it is very curious, it will allow people to have a great view of the sharks. These sharks will generally have a dorsal fin that is about three quarters of the way down their back. However, the sharks are often going to be gray in color, but they will have a different look because they tend to have some black and and white spots on their body. These sharks also tend to have something that is going to allow for their name to make more sense as they have a pair of seven gill slits, which is going to make it a lot easier for people to see why these sharks have the seven gill name.

What Is Required To Dive At Millers Point

As with any type of diving, people are going to need to dive with their normal equipment and this is going to make it easier for people to avoid having to get any of the extra equipment that is needed. However, what people need to realize is Millers Point is a protected area so they will have to make sure they are going to get the proper permits to get the diving in the area and know they are not going to violate any of the laws.

When people are looking at having a great time while diving and looking at sharks, they need to know about the different areas that are around. This is when people need to know more about the different types of sharks that are present and what is required for them to be able to dive at Millers Point. By knowing this information it is going to be easy for people to get the right time and know their diving is going to be not only fun, but educational at the same time.

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