When talking about Cape Town, South Africa, the things that come into our minds first are the beautiful city surrounded by vineyards, wineries, stunning beaches, gorgeous mountains, and flocks of tourist activities all year round. One thing you don’t hear the locals talking about is what exactly is hiding below the water. Below are great white sharks, one of the most feared creatures, which make oceans in South Africa their homes.

Shark diving is defiantly the most well known industry in Cape Town. Home to around a quarter of the world’s shark species, it is the best place for underwater shark diving and shark snorkeling. Shark diving is really a wonderful activity to experience, it gives you the adrenaline, excitement and thrill which everyone is searching for. It’s an experience which also involves exploring the underwater world that is utterly spectacular, not to mention the ideal time to bond with your family and friends, although this bond may be based in fear.

Cage diving is very much popular and it gives you the chance to conquer your fears and see the sharks face to face. Not only will shark cage diving give you a once in a lifetime experience to see the ancient hunter up close, but also understand how these mysterious creatures work in their own ways. The cage dive requires you to wear scuba diving gear and to plunge into the steel cage as the water around you is filled with a blend of fish parts as well as blood in order to attract the great white sharks. The cage is kept at a shallow depth, mainly to stop the sharks from getting above it and also to provide divers ready access to the surface and the safety of the boat.

Sharks are incredibly curious and these creatures often appear in a few minutes to check the cage as well as the divers a lot more closely. It is an amazing experience to witness these hunters of the deep working in their own natural habitat. Great White Sharks are officially listed as being an endangered species and thus they should be treated with high respect.

A common day for any shark cage lover includes an early morning breakfast along with a ride into several coastal villages from which the expedition will start. The most common coastal town that shark cage diving tours are run from is Gansbaai. Safety factors are one of the greatest importance in shark diving. All the equipment is examined and double checked first and everyone that’s involved must undergo an orientation in the basic safety protocols which must be implemented during the expedition.

Operators also consider this incredibly serious and must go through strict licensing processes to ensure a safe standard.