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Shark cage diving is an exciting experience that allows you to get close and personal with one of the most intriguing species on the planet. It’s a thrilling and educational experience as you learn more about these amazing predators and their part in our ocean’s ecology. It is an experience that everyone should attempt at least once in their lifetime, whether they are adrenaline junkies or simply interested about the undersea environment. So go ahead and take the plunge; you won’t regret it!

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Shark Diving is a big industry in South Africa especially for tourist in Cape Town. South Africa, particularly the Cape Town, is among the most popular spots worldwide for Shark diving. The South African waters is the place of about 1/4 of the world’s shark species; around 98 species of the sharks. Every single diver, professional or beginner, searching for adventure should dive in this place since this is among the best shark dives around the globe! Aside from diving with such spectacular sharks for a few hours there’s also possibility to see Orcas, Dolphins, Whales, and a lot more.

This website will start off as an informative website on Shark Diving in South Africa and eventually grow into a stand alone shark diving info source on its own. What we’re offering you is the opportunity to know Shark Diving very well, on your own terms. Its an education and you’ll soon discover this spectacular creature is actually, greatly misunderstood. It’s a creature which needs to be more respected rather than feared. And the moment you spend some time along with us, you’ll easily know why.

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